My Vegan quest begins…

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I’ve started this blog to share my recipes that I make. People often ask me because I’m vegan, “what do you actually eat?” And this is where my Instagram page comes in handy as I started my food posts on there. It always seems to surprise people at how ‘normal’ vegan food can look. It’s a great conversation starter and helps to show that it is easy to take on a healthier, kinder lifestyle.

So where did it all begin?

So I was brought up in your typical house hold. We would all sit around every night for dinner up the table, engage on how our days had been. We would eat a wide variety of foods. I was never a fussy eater, (apart from hating Shepherds pie, Which I now love!) We would have roasted lamb, chicken, beef, I would eat the chicken skin, crackling, bone marrow, haggis. I really wasn’t fussy. I loved animals, I would love to see the lambs running in the fields, see wild life out in nature. But I loved meat more.

The first time I ever thought about animal cruelty happening in the world was when my dad told me about it. He would tell me about how he would hate bull fighting, how in Japan they cooked fish and ate them alive. It was barbaric! How can anyone ever torture a poor animal like this?! But I continued to eat the lamb, beef, chicken, pork, fish, not with a second thought.

I was always strongly against hunting of any sort. How can anyone call it a sport? A sport consists of two even balanced teams. Another thing I would find barbaric. Hunting down a terrified animal until its exhausted. But I continued to eat lamb, beef, chicken, pork, fish, still without seeing my hypocrisy.

Then, I saw the Yulin dog and cat festivals. How can people kill Dogs and Cats! They are like family. I was critiquing another culture because I was so heart-broken to see our beloved pets being tortured as they cower and cry. I could never bring myself to watch the footage and I still can’t to this day. But I continued to criticize another country because they were killing such loving and intelligent beings. But I still wasn’t looking in the mirror.

I had a family member and a best friend go vegetarian. I spoke a little about it to them and I would always respond with, “That’s amazing, well done! I could never do it though. I just love meat too much!

My husband (Alex) and I were talking about trying out pescatarianism. We did it for 3 months. I then thought, whats the point in eating more fish to counteract eating land animals? So, I made my excuse and went back to eating meat. I did this for another 2 years. Speaking to different vegetarians and vegans. I was always in awe at how they could do it. Did they not miss flesh?

6 months before mine and Alex’s wedding, I said to Alex that I was going vegetarian the day after our wedding. He told me how he wasn’t going to join me. I questioned him as to why. It just didn’t bother him. Killing animals for food didn’t faze him.
The 6 months before the wedding, I’d be looking at food menus. Veggie burger or Thai chicken burger? I went for the chicken burger….. It was disgusting! What a waste of a life. I made these simple mental notes. We’d eat at Burger King. Angry whopper’s were my favourite! I’d eat it. Yeah, it was good. But I felt like crap after! Was it truly worth my health?

The wedding day comes. I have Roasted pork belly for my wedding breakfast. Crispy crackling was my favourite. I ate it. Was it really that good? It’s the skin of a dead pig! How had I never thought about it like that? Was it just something I’d always been used to? Conditioned to believe it was normal?
That was the last pieces of meat I ever ate. 27th April 2017, I had some left over from the wedding breakfast the morning after and I’ve never ate meat since.

So I was vegetarian for around 2 months. Alex would eat Veggie with me. He would enjoy it. I would have chats about vegetarian and vegan foods with my veggie and vegan friends and family. Seeds were being planted, for both myself and Alex.
One morning my sister-in-law sent me a picture with a load of facts on it about how environmentally damaging meat is. I read some of these facts out to Alex.
“You’ve been vegetarian 5 minutes and your preaching stuff already”. We had a disagreement. He went to work and I went to work. Later that day, we are on our way to Tesco. “I’m going to go vegetarian” Alex says. “Not because of anything you’ve said.” It wasn’t until a couple of days later, Alex tells me of the nightmare he had that morning we had the disagreement.
He had been kidnapped in his dream, taken to a barn. He was told that while he stays in this barn, he must kill his own food if he wants to eat. He picked up a Knife and starts hacking a cow’s head off. The cow is screaming, not just any scream. But screaming like a human.
This was literally all it took for Alex to switch from seeing animals as a product, to seeing them as an equal. A somebody. A being who wants to live.

I had a friend who asked me if I went vegetarian because I watched ‘What the Health’? I hadn’t. I had heard of this documentary but never watched it. She said how amazing it was and that I should. I watched it one night while Alex was asleep. He woke up half way through and I told him how amazing it was. How crazy that the food we are told is so good for us is actually killing us! He continued to watch the second half with me. We didn’t say much to each other that night. However, the next day I phone Alex up. “You’re going to hate me and I know you’ve only just gone vegetarian, but I’m going vegan.” I didn’t expect Alex to say, “yeah, I’ve been thinking to and I’m going to as well.”

So, that is our journey. Watching documentaries, learning about the cruelty, about how we are damaging our health and the environment. We are completely different people from the ones we were before the 21st June 2017.
We now don’t see it as beef, pork, veal. These are just euphemisms to help us disconnet. Its not meat. It’s the flesh of a corpse. Of a being who lived a horrendous life, in disgusting conditions. Only to have their family taken away and be brutally slaughtered. Its a cow, not beef. Its a pig, not pork!
Our eyes have been opened and my aim is to help show how easy you can live a cruelty free life. The world is changing.

“Its takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal” – Joaquin Phoenix

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